Sunday, August 30, 2009


Please be in prayer for these dear friends this day.

* Bella-Mella @

needs a miracle for her son, Andrew.

is in her final days awaiting her Savior's return...

needs a miracle and much prayer for her husband Ron.

* A little girl named Brena [whose favorite color is GREEN] - needs your prayers that she will not
"lose her faith" [her own words] or her hope in our great God. May God continue to show her His faithfulness!

Please lift each of these precious ones before the Throne of GRACE this day!

Would You comfort those who care for these loved ones? Would You grant mercy and grace to those who need a miracle - not to know a miracle - but to know YOU deeper? Would You come quickly to those who are on the threshold of heaven's door and take hold of the hand that awaits Your touch? Would You sustain all those who are weary and laiden and give them REST and peace and JOY in Your Presence?
We ask humbly, Father, in the Name above all Names,
Amen and Amen!


  1. Thank you Stephanie for leading this prayer for those in need of a physical miracle. B

  2. I'm happy to pray for these today. I see healing is needed and I read Malachi 4:2 this morning in my study time. The Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in His wings! I'm praying!

  3. Praying still for each precious soul.

    Blessings Stephanie over you and your family in Jesus Name.

  4. My Beautiful and Precious Friend,

    Thank you so much for your posting these prayers needs here. So much has been going on that I have been unable to get around to blogs as I did before. With being overly tired myself, I'm finding it hard right now to get around the blog world as I would like, but that will happen as time goes on.

    I'm still believing and praying for miracles and my deep love, faith, hope and trust encompass all of Him and remain with Him.

    I love you and your precious heart and friendship.

    May His many blessings and grace be bestowed upon you.

    Love & Hugs,