Saturday, September 12, 2009

BLOG AWARD - And A Presentation!

This award came to me at SHEPHERD'S WALK today from my dear friend Edie, over at:


This is one of the most precious awards [that none of us deserves]. Prayer is such an unexplainable PRIVILEGE that God gives us - to participate in His kingdom work. Thank you, Edie, for blessing me with this honor as we join together in siber space and PRAYER!
I never go by the 'rules' on award giving. Usually - you are asked to pass this on to 7 or 10 people. I always pass on any award to just one person. Today I wish to present this award to a special blogging friend, Yolanda, from Kansas, over at:

Yolanda and I go way back to the first days of blogging together. She is a beautifully RESTORED sister in the faith and her heart for PRAYER has become a yearning in her soul that she takes very seriously. So with JOY - I pass this award on to her. Yolanda, may your prayers continue for those who cross your path. May God continue to richly bless your life and pour His FAVOR over you!
PRAYER... activates what God has already purposed in your life! ~ TRUTHSHARER @2007

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
[JESUS - For His Name's Sake]


  1. "PRAYER... activates what God has already purposed in your life!"
    I love that!

    Congratulations my friend. You certainly deserve this.

    Much love to you!!!

  2. Miss Stephanie, I am blown away and it is all due to the GLORY OF GOD. He is so faithful and I love HIM so much. I also am thankful for you and your heart that is so gentle, loving and such a servant attitude. I love you and so appreciate you. What an honor Lord to be Your Daughter and to realize how important prayer is and to not take that lightly. Something that has hit me fresh just this summer. Lovingly, Yolanda