Sunday, August 9, 2009

CALL on the NAME of the LORD

"The day you call on the Name of the LORD,
you will be set free."
Genesis 4:26
Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh.
At that time men began to call on the name of the LORD.
Psalm 116:13,17
13 I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD.
17 I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the LORD.
Zephaniah 3:9
"Then will I purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the Name of the LORD and serve Him shoulder to shoulder.
Are you hurting? In trouble? Distressed? Sorrowful? In pain? Lacking insight? Dry?
Will you - TODAY -
and trust Him with your life, your problems, your family, your finances, your circumstances, your commitments?
Lord Jesus---
We lift our hands and hearts to You this day and we call upon Your Name!
The Name above every Name!
The matchless Name of Jesus!
Hear our praise for Who You Are.
We confess our sin and our inability to love You apart from Your grace and Your forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ.
We offer our thanks to You in advance for what You are about to do.
Come and answer us when we pray our supplication and petition before You.
Meet us right now in this place and answer us as we call!
In Jesus' Name,
Amen and Amen!


  1. Beautiful encouragement and praise to the Lord Stephanie. I love how you put this together. I am calling. B

  2. Lord, I am calling upon your mighty Name today in my troubles. In your Name I find protection for my loved ones and believe in restoration for them. Praise you for the grace to love you and believe you are bigger than trouble.

  3. Amen, Girls! GOD is our encourager - He waits for us to call out to Him [in His Name] because that is where His power rests! And yes, indeed, He is bigger than any trouble or circumstance we face. May we take our eyes off those circumstances -and put them back on HIM! Then we can believe Him to do great things among us!

  4. This is so absolutely beautiful my absolutely beautiful!

    I'm here Lord, I'm here.
    I'm calling upon your name Lord, the sweet name of Jesus.
    I'm here Lord, I'm here.
    My hands are raised as well as my heart in prayer for your divine, miraculous heaing of my husband's brain with complete restoration of his memory...for divine, miraculous healing of his heart, arteries, valves, all circulatory infirmities going on within his body...for divine, miraculous healing of whatever inflammatory infirmity that is going on within his body and his vessels.
    I believe Jesus with all of my heart, I believe and stand firm on your Word, on your promises.
    I believe Jesus, I believe in your Divine Intervention in all things, in your Divine Miraculous Healing and complete restoration of my husband's mind, heart, body and soul.
    I claim it Jesus for Him and I thank you in advance for the manifestation of Your Divine Healing taking place within his body right now.

    I believe, I receive and I thank you Jesus Christ with all of my mind, heart, soul and strength. Amen!

    I'm touched so deeply right now my sweet, sweet sister. I thank Him for this beautiful site and for you and what He has created you to be at this moment in time for all of us here.

    I love you dear friend,

  5. This just speaks volumes of the latest Higher Grounds. I love you Miss Stephanie!!!