Monday, March 8, 2010



The Transformed Prayer RoomIMG_1082





Matthew 7:7 [above]


God Most High - Ancient of Days -

HaGoél Adon'i

May You transform the lives of those who pray in this room. May all the words surrounding its walls be reminders of your transforming power as we seek to TRUST YOU - for that is what You are obsessed with - simply our TRUST of You!

  • For You, LORD, ARE Who You say You are!
  • You can do what You say You can do!
  • I am Who You say that I am... I'm Your child!
  • I can do all things through Christ... but apart from You I can do nothing.
  • May Your Holy Word come alive and active in the lives of those who read it within these walls.

Lord, there is nothing special about this place - nothing magical or mystical but it is simply a place where You meet a seeking heart in the intimacy of Your Love and Your transforming power. So for that reason alone we Believe You for the miracles and supernatural power that will come from this place - all because YOU ARE HERE waiting and beckoning us to "Come" and "pray while You may be found"!

Many lives are transformed in the closets of prayer rooms. May those who come here in person and those who come to pray in this Blogland site be transformed here!

In Your Holy Name,

Amen and AMEN!

As God has drawn me into this Prayer Room every day at least twice a day for the last 4 weeks - He is doing a 'new thing' in the realms of prayer. Won't you take your turn in The Prayer Room or in your own Prayer Closet in at home - the very place where you meet with God - waiting for Him to speak through His Word - a place to worship and adore Him - a place where no petition is offered except to know Him more so that you trust Him more.

Below is a link to the music of Kari Jobe. Her new CD is what I had been listening to when God began to call me to The Prayer Room again. Here you can hear her own testimony of how a Prayer Closet transformed her life when she was only 13 years old. Now - God is overwhelming her entire life with music and the desires of her heart! If only more 13-year-old girls asked their fathers to build them a prayer closet --- the world might be transformed!

It's an amazing testimony of one Prayer Closet where God met even a young girl heart to HEART!

Click here and listen to Kari's story:

I highly recommend her latest CD called: Kari Jobe

Be Blessed .... and then get on your knees before the Lord!


  1. What a beautiful place that is calm, peaceful and slowing oneself down, to spend time in His presence.

    Love YA!

  2. Oh Dear Friend,

    This is BEAUTIFUL! Your Prayer Room looks peaceful and so inviting.

    I love this whole post and I went over and listened to Kari's story...BEAUTIFUL again. I, too, love the peaceful music as she describes. What a treasure she is!

    You have filled me yet again here as I do not have a specific place (prayer closet) where I pray. I seem to gather myself on the couch or in the bedroom whenever those areas are convenient...but now I will specifically make a special place somewhere in my home just for "my prayer closet".

    Thank you Stephanie. Peace flooded my heart here tonight.

    I love you dear friend,

  3. It is beautiful, Stephanie, and knoing you as I do, it means all the more. What a precious soul you are to me and this prayer room represents so much of God's work in and through you. God is indeed pleased with you, girlfiend!

    Ohhhh how I long to have my own prayer room someday!!

    Hugs, Patrina <")>><
    His watchman on the wall

  4. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing this Transformation Room of prayer today. It is a very anointed place and I'm meeting Him here and believing for transformation!

    Love you,