Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As you walk the Prayer Path at
Shepherd's Walk
and come to the Sanctuary Circle
you will meet the Father heart to Heart -
here in ...
The Circle of Love
Stephanie K. Brower c 2008
All Rights Reserved

[Inspired by: The Sanctuary at SHEPHERD’S WALK of Sweetbriar
Isaiah 40:22 / Psalm 23 / Psalm 103 / Psalm 40:1-4 / Exodus 16 /
Song: You Are Good by Point of Grace]

I come to the Circle, bound by Your love.
Your Presence awaiting, from heaven above.
It’s all about You, LORD, encircled I stand,
Embracing the touch of, Your mighty right hand.

In sunlight, or moonlight, on cold rainy days,
Here in the Circle, upon Your face I can gaze.
Your Presence is spread like a canopy sheet,
Without wrinkle or blemish, just perfectly neat.

In the Circle we dance, and sing, and rejoice,
You whisper my name in Your most tender voice.
You’ve lifted me out of the pit of despair.
Replacing with praise, every worry and care.

To the Table I come, to feast and devour,
Your manna provided for this very hour.
Your forgiveness and love, both mercy and grace,
Held out in fullness, for my heart to embrace.

When I come to the Circle, surrendered, bowed down,
You meet me by faith and with joy You astound.
Holy, holy, holy, are You LORD, God Almighty,
As I stand in the tent of heaven’s canopy.

To the Altar I come in worship and praise,
With thanksgiving to offer for Your marvelous grace.
Love so amazing, encircled – enthroned –
My heart and my life, offered to You alone.

written in Journal:
Circle of Love =
Shine the Light
November 8th, 2008

All Rights Reserved


  1. Stephanie,


    With much love,

  2. These beautiful words make me want to join in the circle and dance before Him! I like the part about replacing my worries with praise. So I do that tonight as I contemplate my daughter's trial in her marriage and the cyst above my granddaughter's eye. I praise God. He is the healer and we need His touch.