Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ezekiel 17
5 " 'He took some of the seed of your land and put it in fertile soil. He planted it like a willow by abundant water, 6 and it sprouted and became a low, spreading vine. Its branches turned toward him, but its roots remained under it. So it became a vine and produced branches and put out leafy boughs.
7 " 'But there was another great eagle with powerful wings and full plumage. The vine now sent out its roots toward him from the plot where it was planted and stretched out its branches to him for water. 8 It had been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a splendid vine.'
[emphasis added]

There is a large Wisteria Vine here a Sweetbriar. It is holding up a dead oak tree. Its Vine is wrapped tightly around the tree and each year it gets higher and higher and blooms more and more. This season, the Vine is at full bloom and the sweet fragrance that the flowers give off are enough to renew the senses.

Do you ever feel like a dead oak tree? Worn out... by illness, physical pain, circumstances around you, family pressures, sick loved ones, wayward children, aging parents, job pressures, ministry expectations, broken relationships, perhaps just overwhelmed at times?
Jesus is the Vine that wraps His loving arms around us when we feel 'dead'. He causes us to bear fruit even in the tough times. He makes everything beautiful in its time! Cling to Him! Stay close to Him! Know and feel His Presence!
Isaiah 27:2-5
(The Message)
"At that same time, a fine vineyard will appear.
There's something to sing about! I, God, tend it.
I keep it well-watered. I keep careful watch over it
so that no one can damage it. I'm not angry. I care.
Even if it gives Me thistles and thornbushes, I'll just pull them out
and burn them up. Let that vine cling to Me for safety,
let it find a good and whole life with Me,
let it hold on for a good and whole life."

****** PRAYER ******
Apart from You we can do nothing.
Thank You for clinging to us even when we have weak arms to hold on to You.
Thank You that You cause us to bear fruit and
give off the fragrance of the knowledge of You.


  1. I love John 15. I have been thinking about bearing fruit. You are into trees too. I love it. This post is full of good food for my soul. Oh, I did not get a heron feather :) Thanks Stephanie.

  2. Father God, I love this title. I love the thought of you holding me up now in this economy when our homes are not selling and we have few customers. You are holding me up financially and you are holding me up though the enemy tries so desperately to steal my relationship with my daughter. You comfort me Lord and give me peace. Your presence is near. I love the way you hold me.

  3. John 15 is one of my favorites. I stand with you in the prayer prayed. I love you.

  4. Amen Sister Stephanie. Be still and Know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth (Ps 46:10)