Thursday, June 10, 2010

Broken and Beautiful

The First Day giving her food and water...
She drank some water ...
She didn't have the strength or desire to eat
She was broken and beautiful and needed help just to survive.
Lamentations 2:10-12
(New Living Translation)
[from Jeremiah - the weeping prophet]
The leaders of beautiful Jerusalem
sit on the ground in silence.
They are clothed in burlap
and throw dust on their heads.
The young women of Jerusalem
hang their heads in shame.
I have cried until the tears no longer come;
my heart is broken.
My spirit is poured out in agony
as I see the desperate plight of my people.
Little children and tiny babies
are fainting and dying in the streets.
They cry out to their mothers,
“We need food and drink!”
Their lives ebb away in the streets
like the life of a warrior wounded in battle.
They gasp for life
as they collapse in their mothers’ arms.
Olam - Our Eternal God
We cry out for those who are broken and dying.
We ask You to be close to those we love because we know
that You love them more than we ever could.
Would You show mercy and grace to those who call out to You?
Would You allow Your Spirit to flow freely to bring healing
whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or relational?
Please comfort those who mourn.
Draw near to those who draw near to You.
We know that You - O God know the pain of suffering and brokenness.
Please cause Your goodness to touch
the lives of those we pray for this day.
Bring healing to some and heaven to others.
We bless You and praise You for the
compassionate and merciful God that You are!
In the Name of our Redeemer and Lord, Jesus Christ,
[HaGoEl Adoni]
Amen and Amen!


  1. "Please cause Your goodness to touch
    the lives of those we pray for this day.
    Bring healing to some and heaven to others."

    Just opened my blog to respond to a comment...which I didn't. I just couldn't yet. But I saw your broken butterfly. Yes it does remind me of dad. It was his left side that was stripped from him too. he is broken. So helpless - not even wanting to survive. I am broken just watching him.

    It is my prayer - I cry out to Abba Father to cradle him in His arms and carry him home to heaven to be with God and mama. I just can't face this Long Term thing. Just 1 week of rehab has caused me to pray more fervently to the Father - to have mercy on him and bring him on home. Long term care is no life. I can't even fathom leaving dad in such a state of affairs. I pray for Grace and strength to make the right decision for him and me. He is so broken. Only God can put him back together!

    Thanks for the picture and the scripture. I so identified. I had to respond. Not blogging right now. No enery or time - the desire is not there. But I had to respond to the brokeness of this tiny helpless creature - it is so like my daddy right now.

    Hugs, and God bless
    Patrina <")>><
    Watchman on the wall
    Expecting His return!

  2. I love this posting my friend. It's beautiful. I've been by many times just to read. You always fill me up in some way when I come by to visit you...always.

    Love you,