Sunday, April 26, 2009

THE NAME Above All Names

Father In Heaven~

You are as close as the breath that we breathe!
Flood our thirsty hearts again.
Renew, rebuild and restore every fragmented relationship in and around us.
May Your healing power break the chains that bind us.
May You open our eyes to Your TRUTH today
and may we respond in full and complete obedience to it.
Tear the veil that holds us from open access to Your Heart!
Then- and only then -
let us walk by FAITH with JOY to the fullest!
We Praise Your HOLY NAME -



  1. Yes we Praise Your Holy Name, The Name Above All Names - JESUS CHRIST! Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Heavenly Father,

    Every one who comes to this site is blessed in so many ways. We get filled up even more in who You really are and how deeply You have and can impact us since our creation, in the present, the future to come and eventually throughout eternity.

    When I think of the awesomeness of who You really are and how you are using this precious woman, Stephanie, I am deeply humbled before you and thankful for all that you are doing through her. She magnifies you Lord, she magnifies you so. Her heart melds with yours in a special sweetness that You wish all who come here to have. She is living her life through you. She is seeing it through your eyes, hearing it with your ears and speaking it with your mouth. She is ever so humble Lord, ever so humble and her thoughts and prayers are so breathtakingly beautiful for You created her with your hand, for your divine purpose in mind right now for her and for all who come here.

    Father, I love you with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. I humbly come here before you this night and lift up Stephanie and her entire ministry into the highest of heavenlies and place her and all of it into your loving hands, into your Throne Room of Grace. I kneel down before You at your feet and I pray fervently for her complete body healing and for your divine miracles to occur within her body and her ministry at SHEPHERD'S WALK at Sweetbriar. Surely this is a special place. A place that You led her through to come to be. I pray positiveness, wholeness, love, healing, peace, contentment, communing with You, sharing, bonding, peace, tranquility, grace, mercy, strength, courage, wisdom, guidance and so much more,to be blessed within and all over this special place. I pray that who ever visits and walks through Shepherd's Walk will be divinely touched by You in ways they never thought humanly possible. I pray that your presence be ever so strong in and around every one who comes to Shepherds's Walk at Sweetbriar and to Stephanie's site here.

    I pray all of this is Jesus precious name. Amen! All praise, honor and glory is yours Almighty Father forever and ever more.

    Love you Stephanie,

  2. Name above ALL names. I love to say that. Thank you Jesus. B

  3. Father:
    I come before you in this special place of divine anointing as my sister, A-Belle, just prayed and thank you for this place of prayer. I ask that all who come here will know your healing touch, Lord, and that you will set them free.

    I lift up my family and all the stress right now. My husband who is being blamed for passing on sickness to my granddaughter. I'm believing your Word of healing over Susanna today. That temperature must go in Jesus Name. I ask for your forgiveness to flow between my daughter and her father. I pray that this situation will bring you glory and that your healing power will overflow into new dimensions.

    Thank you, Lord, for hearing every prayer here. May your kingdom come and will be done.