Saturday, March 14, 2009


2 Chronicles 7:14

... If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

The Prayer Room was completed on Thursday. This was the same room that had been damaged by a flood back in September 2008 Click here: TRUTHSHARER: When the Mighty Waters Rise. It was gutted and completely redone. God lead every step of the way choosing the walls, carpet colors, the tables, and mirror. The LORD is a pretty good decorator! There is a sign at the top of the stairway [leading down] that I put up before Christmas that says: BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

Today - on March 14th someone came to my home and as I showed her the Prayer Room/Bible Study Room - we sat down at one of the center tables and I said, "Well, you get to be the first person who prays in this new prayer room." She had a heavy prayer request on her heart - for another person - and it was a matter of life and death. We prayed a simple prayer to the LORD - because we 'thought' from the circumstances that it was almost a hopeless situation. She spent about two hours with me in the afternoon as we encouraged one another in the things of the LORD and His work. She called me later in the early evening and told me that at the same time we had been praying - God answered that prayer - a true miracle - and a child's life was spared!

We cried and Praised Our God - Our AWESOME GOD - for the work He did with our simple and even doubtful, meek prayer. He is always faithful! He is OUR GOD! OUR JESUS!

JESUS = HE is the LOVE of GOD
He is the GOD of WONDERS
and the GOD of MIRACLES
Sign Entering
Mirror = John 8:12
Jesus said: "I am the Light of the World..."


  1. Just scrolled through your snapfish album! Tell me more, and the prayer room? Is that in your house? When can I come? So lovely to see it and to hear about answered prayer.


  2. My Bible Study group met on Sunday night 3/15/09 for the first time in the new Prayer Room downstairs. We also spent time in prayer at the end and began a new Prayer Journal including the #1 Miracle God did the day before.

    One of the girls remarked as to how cozy and secluded we felt in there from the rest of the world outside! I noticed that there were no real distractions in that room. It was a very special time with the LORD and His Word!

  3. Another prayer offered in the New Prayer Room last night 3/15/09 was answered late this afternoon by the LORD!! Praise Him! I'm glad we began that prayer journal... this is so exciting to watch God answer those 'impossible looking' prayers as we speak them!!!

    That's our JESUS!!

  4. This is just the best! I look forward to seeing many more prayers answered as His people get humble before Him and prayer fervently, I know that He will make Himself known is a MIGHTY WAY!



  5. WOW Stephanie. What a blessing the Shepherd's Walk must be to those who come with a sincere heart. WOW. I want my friend B, the artist to see this. B

  6. Yes, Barbara... God is soooo awesome! This is HIS design all the way. And to think we are only at the very beginning stages of bringing it all together for what He has purposed in it! He leads one step at a time - I follow whatever comes next!

  7. I just came by from Edie's at Rich Gifts to wish you Happy Birthday.

  8. This is just the coolest! What a lovely peaceful looking room, and like you said where the outside world is just that....not even seen or heard.

    Love YOU