Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ye Olde Sweetbriar Farm - Days Gone By

These are just some of the animals of Sweetbriar!

Chloe is alive and well and loves to be in SW with me!

Cotton and Lace when they were just lambs!

Cotton and Lace in 'wooly winter' coats!
They now live on another farm.
Louie the Goose was killed by a fox last summer.
It was a direct 'hit' from the enemy. Louie took
the sacrifice for the building of SW. He was 11
years old when he died.


  1. Oh my goodness how precious these are!! You don't know yet how much I love God's creatures. There is just something about animals that puts me in Awe of the Creator.

  2. Well - Edie - I'm not surprised! God continues to teach me so much through the animals and birds that He has created! I too - am in AWE of our Creator God!

  3. I just managed to get back over here to read your response. :) I will email you later today. Love ya!

  4. Louie???? NOOOOO.. Awww - Court just asked about him yesterday...